Metaverse Festival | Feb 25, 2022

VR Experience With Just The Two of You

Metaverse Couples Festival

The Metaverse Couples Wellness Festival is a VR (virtual reality) experience.

By increasing novelty in your relationship you can take your relationship to the next level.

Come meet your virtual lover.

You’ll actually be standing together physically in the same room, and virtually in the same place too.
The event will take place on February 25, 2022 with 1500 couples around the United States & Canada.

First you’ll purchase your NFT ticket which includes two VR Oculus Quest 2s which you can either keep after the event for future metaverse festivals or send the headsets back to us for Flow City credit towards future gamified wellness experiences. You’ll receive a unique QR code that will launch your webXR experience.

You’ll create alongside your partner painting each with digital ink, and seeing the future of festivals that will bring the world together with more unity and love. You are given the option to buy a ticket with 1 headset, 2 headsets, or just the price of admission w/out the headsets.

"I want to do it again. It blew my mind and I already know VR. It was a huge eye opener. The drawing thing was genius. It was all the little things that felt very innovative. "

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Just the two of you at home

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Salt Lake City County or Los Angeles County

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