In Person Festival | March 25, 2022

In Person Small Group Experience

Experience intimacy you’ve never known.

Enhance your relationship with music, dance, yoga, Wim Hof breathing, cacao ceremony, ancestral tribal body painting. On March 25, this experience will make the connection between you and your partner stronger than ever.

This festival will help you live in the moment and deepen your connection with your lover. Face your fear by jumping into an ice cold bath together. Experience love as you dance under the neon lights.

Take your relationship to a deeper level by facing what creates tension or discomfort, in sweat lodge ceremonies and ice baths. Learn about the couple process from an amazing teacher/guest speaker, as well as do some couples bonding with dancing, dining in the dark and even an ancestral tribal mask painting!

Take your relationship to a deeper level and meet other couples who could turn out to be friends for life.

"This is something every couple should get to experience. I could feel her energy simply by holding hands and breathing in sync. I'm excited to see where this goes."

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