what is Flow City?

Experience intimacy you've never known. Introducing couples to the metaverse hand in hand.

Our Mission

Gamify half a billion intimate relationships through multisensory wellness experiences.
Create art with your lover.
Mint it for eternity.

Our Vision

Creating experiences that grow intimacy in real life and in the metaverse. We are reverse engineering the greatest psychedelic experiences for connection through ceremony, holotropic breathing in sync, and body painting.

The Future

Web3, NFTs, AR, VR, Wellness Festivals.

  • Teaching Couples how to gamify finances with crypto.
  • Gamified Wellness Festivals to keep your relationship magical from Sensory Deprivation Tanks, Saunas, Dining in the Dark, PEMF therapy, Ice Baths.
  • Gamified Authentic, Transparent, Community built on trust.

Flow City Team

Blockchain / AI Developers


Garrett Hoyos

Founder, CEO

Colin Casey

Lead Blockchain Developer

Maninder Singh